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Rewilding on sale

Reconnect with your wild essence as you awaken your innate bond with the natural world

In his long-awaited book Rewilding, Kripalu director Micah Mortali brings together yoga, mindfulness, wilderness training, and ancestral skills to create a unique guide for reigniting your primal energy—your undomesticated true self—and deepening your relationship with the living earth.

Today, we live mostly urban lives and our vital wildness has gone dormant. With Rewilding, Mortali invites us to shed the effects of over-civilization and explore an inner wisdom that is primal, ancient, and profound.


Shire Quests

More than your ordinary outdoor guide service

Shire Quests is more than your ordinary outdoor guide service. Founded by Micah Mortali after two decades of experience in the outdoor and mindfulness industries, Shire Quests combines naturalist knowledge, mindfulness, outdoor skills and Berkshire history to create guided outdoor experiences like no other.

Whether you are new to the outdoors, or a seasoned nature lover, our approach is safe, supportive and inclusive. Our custom experiences are designed to help you deepen your relationship with both nature and self, while experiencing the legendary natural beauty of the Berkshires. All of our small, outdoor expeditions are led by Shire Quest founder, Micah Mortali M.A.