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This intensive is being offered two times on 64 wooded acres in the Hill Towns of Western Massachusetts at a primitive camp:
Sunday-Friday, August 16-21 and October 4-9, 2020

Tap into your wild side and learn essential skills everyone needs to know for the times we are living in.

More than a survival training, expand your awareness as you practice living close to nature and reclaim skills your ancestors knew well.

Walk with reverence for the living earth and find your place in the “more than human world”.  Leave this intensive with a deep sense of connection with natural forces, a feeling of belonging in nature, and a raft of essential outdoor living skills so you can walk with humble confidence wherever you go.

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Nature Meditation and Connection
  • Traditional Archery
  • Bushcraft tool safety
  • Tomahawk and Throwing Stick Basics
  • Shelter Building: Beyond the Debris Hut
  • Fire (flint and steel, bow-drill, hand drill)
  • Animal Tracks, Signs and Scat
  • Camouflage and Invisibility
  • Sourcing Wild Water and Treatment
  • The 7 C’s of Preparedness and What to Carry

Spring Water, Meals and Snacks Provided (Omnivore, vegan, gluten free options)

PRIMITIVE CAMPING: You are responsible for your own gear.

Please bring the following:
  • Jungle Hammock Recommended (or tent)
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping pad
  • Day pack
  • Rain gear
  • Warm hat and gloves
  • Hiking shoes or boots
  • Headlamp
  • Notepad/journal and pen
  • Knife (fixed blade)
  • Hatchet
  • Archery tackle (Traditional only please, no compounds. If you do not have a bow and arrow one will be provided)
  • Water bottle
  • Bowl, utensils, mug
  • Personal hygiene supplies
  • Personal medications
  • Snacks

Tuition $1,399

$300 non-refundable deposit (Will be held as credit on account for future programs if you cancel).

Remainder due 14 days before program ($1,099) on 8/2/2020 & 9/20/2020.

*If program is cancelled for safety reasons remaining tuition funds will be refunded.

For questions please contact me at

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