Tap into your wild side and learn essential skills everyone needs to know for the times we are living in.

More than a survival training, expand your awareness as you practice living close to nature and reclaim skills your ancestors knew well.

Walk with reverence for the living earth and find your place in the “more than human world”.  Leave this intensive with a deep sense of connection with natural forces, a feeling of belonging in nature, and a raft of essential outdoor living skills so you can walk with humble confidence wherever you go.

Skills You Will Learn:

Spring Water, Meals and Snacks Provided (Omnivore, vegan, gluten free options)

PRIMITIVE CAMPING: You are responsible for your own gear.

Please bring the following:


Skills You Will Learn:

“I can not say enough to describe the life changing experience provided by the Rewilding Intensive.  Michah’s energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, and most of all ability to connect with each group member is extremely special.  Throughout the week we were taught many practical survival skills and learned  lots about the natural life and land we called home for the week.  Rarely in our lives are we given the opportunity to quiet our thoughts and environments to calm the soul and reach for the truth and joy that nature provides,  The Rewilding experience did just that! Thank you so much for this experience and I look forward to returning in the future.”

Eric B.



“Micah’s deep knowledge, insights, and authenticity create an atmosphere for personal growth and interpersonal connectivity. He creates opportunities for each participant to thrive individually and jointly as a tribe and fosters a safe, supportive environment that encourages each of us to work towards our edge. Gratitude and reciprocity are woven into the teaching of ancestral skills – whether harvesting branches for our bow drill kits and debris shelter or fox walking to our morning archery. Songs around the campfire at night and Micah’s life stories and experiences woven in throughout the day help to shape the dialogue with the forest and “more than human world”. The group’s safety is his top priority, ensuring proper use of all our sharp tools and adapting the daily schedule to accommodate the changes in weather.  Micah’s team ensures there is wood for fires, nutritious and delicious food at mealtimes and supplies for hygiene and Covid-safety. Just like the fires that we birthed, a new flame of confidence has been lit inside of me and I know there’s more rewilding to be done.”

Stephanie L.


“Participating in an outdoors course is something that I have always wanted to do. The experience really exceeded all of my expectations and I couldn’t be more grateful. With Micah’s experience and discipline, we learned so much in what now feels like just a few days. The course was also a profound opportunity to deepen my connection with nature and rebuild my focus. I will be unpacking memories and new skills for a long time to come.”

Jillian K., Attorney