Free On-demand Webinar | Rewilding 101

A do not miss opportunity to learn about the power of nature connected living and how you can rewild your life this summer!

Please enjoy this free on-demand webinar from May 26th.  It is jam packed with knowledge, tools, and tips for accessing the unlimited benefits that await you in the natural world.


Free On-demand Webinar | Rewilding 101


You’re Invited to watch this FREE on-demand webinar | Rewilding 101

Dear friends,

Have you ever wished that you could feel confident, prepared, connected and at home in the natural world? Have you ever wanted to know that if you needed to, you could take care of yourself and those you love in the wild? Have you ever wanted to share the wonder of nature connected living with your community? Perhaps you have always felt that being connected to nature holds something so important for a meaningful life. If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, listen on.

My name is Micah Mortali and I am the author of “Rewilding” and the Founder of the Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership. I’m also a husband and a dad, and I’m offering this webinar for folks like me who also feel a call to listen more deeply to the wisdom of the living earth we call home.

So, after many requests I am so excited to be offering my first webinar on REWILDING!

After what we’ve been through this past year and what most likely lies ahead, we need to draw close to nature now more than ever.

I want to share with you what I have learned, so that you too can invite the power, the healing, the joy and the wisdom that the natural world holds for all of us.

Please enjoy this very special free experience.

May the forest be with you!



If you enjoyed this experience I welcome you to explore my 6-week online course, the Foundations of Rewilding, beginning June 7th 8-9 PM EST!