Return to the Fall Forest: Reflections of a Reverent Hunter

Fall, the season when a hunter feels the call to saunter into the once lush forests of summer to survey the rusty browns and spicy aromas of the transitioning season.  In my own case, being someone who came to bow hunting after a lifetime of passion for traditional archery, and without having been trained up […]

Bow-Drill is a Space/Time Machine

For most of my life, I’ve looked for, and occasionally found, mystical practices that open doorways to the sacred.  It has always seemed to me that life is inherently mysterious.  Even as science reveals much of the subtle inner workings of nature, it also reveals more mystery.  The deeper we go into the realm of […]

Drink Your Coffee Outside

People often ask me what advice I have for parents who want to get their kids to spend more time outside.  These days my answer is, “drink your coffee outside in the morning”.   How will that make your family an outdoor family?  Let me explain.  My family has always spent a good amount of time […]

An Introduction to Mindful Rewilding

We need rewilding because a close relationship with nature is a vital part of a happy, healthy life. Human rewilding is a vast topic that explores what essential value lies in reclaiming some of the lost connections that were held by our more nature-connected ancestors; connections to other species, to a sense of place, purpose and […]